Dogscootering is an exciting activity that we got into as part of joint meetings with ČHP breeders. It combines scootering and dog riding. Imagine speeding through the countryside on a scooter while your four-legged sidekick pulls you along. That's dogscootering!

The activity can be run recreationally or professionally. The Czech Luge Sports Association then ranks it in several classes. These are denoted in sprint races by the abbreviation SC1 - scooter with one dog and SC2 - scooter with one or two dogs. For our national breed, it is also possible to start in a class with dogs such as SH, AM, GP, S. This class is called SC21, and in mid-races MSC2 - a scooter with one or two dogs. It may not be a rule, but despite the greatest motivation and sportsmanship of the runners in "pulling" disciplines, where it is mainly about the limits of the dogs, not like in canicross, where the physical fitness of the runner also depends a lot.

The Czech mountain dog hardly competes with the European sled dog breed, which most often starts in the SC1 and SC2 classes. They are a kind of racing formula that develops tremendous speed and are more suitable for the speed class compared to ČHP. Although not everyone may agree with me, it is necessary to take into account that the ČHP was created as an expedition and draft breed, albeit versatile and with sporting abilities. But if you decide on the Czech mountain dog breed, you will not regret it. "I like to compare runners to endurance runners who, although they are not the fastest, develop a constant speed and can maintain it for a very long time on the entire track and do not bite their leg at the start just because the team next to them has already started and they are still waiting" .

Basically, anyone who owns a dog can enjoy riding a scooter. The overwhelming majority of Horaces want to pull, so you don't have to push them too hard. The dog will welcome the activity because it will work and spend time with you. At the same time, you prevent the individual from becoming obese and help occupy his head, because compared to running, the abilities of the dog, which must work better with energy and evaluate the track at a higher speed, are important. Although it is lower than bikejoring, it will show the true qualities of the dog. It aims at its strength, the ability to keep the leash taut all the time, and also the interplay with the rider, who guides the dog in the right direction in time.

How to start scootering with a czech mountain dog?

  1. Teach the dog what you expect from him in the sled.
    It is very good to start with canicross, when the dog learns the basic commands and understands more easily what is wanted of him in which situation. Consider that there is nothing worse than desperately trying to give commands from a scooter to a confused dog, which you may accidentally bump into, wind up his leash in the brakes and generally make him dislike the sport.
  2. The dog will be your engine and you will be the team.
    You get to this stage by gradually riding and trying longer and longer routes. At this point, you are mostly well-matched and the dog understands commands for turning, accelerating, and stopping. As the tracks get longer, the dog will improve his condition and will gradually ask for a bigger ration.
  3. Dog care, equipment and selection
    Let's start with the dog that matters most. Keep his condition and well-being in mind first and foremost. Not only because it is expected, but also because a musher should always take care of his dogs first and then himself. Make sure you stay hydrated, but be careful with drinking too much before exercise to avoid stomach torsion. 15 ml per kilogram of dog is recommended (and 2 hours before the procedure). Some breeds require cooling. For example, ESPs are soaked before races due to overheating, but considering their appearance, they drain quickly and serve the purpose. On the other hand, some ČHP are also warm, but from experience it does not turn out well if you wet a dog with a shaggy fur coat. The water will only do him good in the first moment, and the rest of the race "carries" it with him, and in addition, it evaporates and therefore soon "cooks".

The second thing is equipment. In the beginning, there is nothing easier than going to a meeting and borrowing a few machines. There are different brands to choose from and it is impossible to say which one is the best as each has its own advantages. At the beginning of 2024, however, scooters from the domestic brand Doxtor were still showing up the most. You will also need a flexible leash with a so-called shock absorber, a dog harness (it's a good idea to try it directly in the store or at one of the races) and think about your own safety. It includes at least a helmet. Depending on the race, gloves and goggles are also recommended, and I don't allow protectors. After all, the competitors are divided into two groups for a reason. Those who have fallen and those who have not yet fallen. But this area would be a separate article.



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