In the exhibition sphere, you still don't meet the Czech mountain dog very often, although this is also changing, and as the breed gradually becomes more popular, it is more and more often in the sights of interested parties precisely at exhibitions, where it is more and more possible to meet supporters and admirers of this breed. Although its popularity is growing, it is still rather rare to see it at many regular shows. For those who want to get to know this breed better, its individual individuals and breeders, a club exhibition of czech mountain dog is the ideal place to visit.

What is the uniqueness of club exhibitions?

These are to a large extent specific events organized by the breeding Club of the Czech Mountain Dog z.s. People are supposed to meet here, exchange experiences, but at the same time watch where the breed is moving, because this is where the largest concentration of individuals of the breed is, with the exception of the meeting in Hejnice, held by Andrea Šímová, where, in addition to meetings, participants can also take part in various cynological activities together. From mushing to training to training for exhibitions to sitting with the founders and successors of the breed, whatever you like. For Czech mountain dogs and their owners, these exhibitions are a unique opportunity, where a larger number of representatives of this breed can be seen in one place. At these events, not only owners and breeders meet, but also enthusiasts and those interested in the breed. All this creates an exceptional atmosphere full of expertise and a shared love of burners.

Bonding within exhibitions

One of the main points of club shows is the grading, although it may not be part of every such show. This is a process of assessing individuals whose owners are interested in further breeding and want to give the dogs the opportunity to contribute to the genetic make-up of the breed. Individuals are judged according to several aspects:

  • according to their exterior
  • nature
  • health status

Bonitization is necessary for the inclusion of dogs in breeding and ensures that only individuals meeting the strict standards of the breed will be used for further reproduction. Exhibition visitors are offered the opportunity to see what qualities are required and appreciated in Czech mountain dogs.

Meeting with representatives of the breed

Club shows are the best chance to exchange opinions and experiences with breeders that you won't meet at other events. The fact that it is a breed that is versatile but widely used for sports means that it is a different type of people than you have the opportunity to meet at sporting events and vice versa. Those who use both sports and exhibition events to meet, get a more comprehensive idea of ​​the Czech Mountain Dog breed. They have the opportunity to see the differences in the exterior between the so-called "sportsmen" and "exteriors". Although the Czech mountain dog breed is small in number and certainly does not have distinct lines, such as German shepherds, even an inexperienced observer can notice certain differences in individuals, where at first glance you can see whether the dog is in active movement or rather a friend in the garden. None of the variants is definitely not bad. Quite the contrary. However, it beautifully reflects the breed's abilities and, for example, from the musculature, which can be very prominent in hot dogs, you can easily get the picture that ČHP are not sharpeners and are created for sport. It is up to the owners which of the individual's qualities they decide to use. Whether very attractive appearance or potential for building muscle mass.

We also rate the opportunity to observe different age categories at such meetings as very beneficial, and you can easily see what the Horaces look like in individual life stages, from puppies to young dogs to adults and experienced individuals. This contact with the breed at different stages of life is valuable not only for future owners, but also for those who want to learn more about the breed or embark on a breeding career and dedicate themselves to breeding Czech mountain dogs. Exhibitions and meetings are the right place to start. In addition to the opportunity to see a wide range of representatives of this breed with your own eyes, these events also offer a deeper insight into the breeding, care and specifics of this fantastic breed. Whether you are a passionate breeder or just a curious admirer, Czech mountain dog club shows will offer you rich experiences and new knowledge.


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