The "Yellow Dog" project, as it is called here, is an awareness campaign. It lets people in public areas know that if they encounter a dog that needs space, such an individual will be flagged. Marking takes place with the help of a visual aid: yellow leash, collar, ribbon, scarf or vest. This acts as a quick and easy visual indicator of the dog's comfort level. Even from a distance, it gives time to evaluate how to proceed when contacting such an individual. The Yellow Dog project thus helps prevent dogs from being exposed to unpredictable encounters with uninitiated passers-by. This saves them the panic or stress that can undermine careful training and rehabilitation strategies.

The Yellow Dog Project is not regulated by laws or legislation on animal husbandry or animal care. It does not replace appropriate training and does not relieve guardians of responsibility for their dog's behavior. But it helps to define a space within the cynological society for individuals who would otherwise be excluded from ordinary life.


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