Even the rainy weather did not deter those interested in the exhibition of Czech mountain dogs at the Kačina castle. At the special show, representatives of the breed gathered in very large numbers. Although the bad weather complicated some activities, it was not evident in the mood of the participants.

The raindrops did not deter the enthusiasts

Although the weather forecast promised only a minimum of precipitation, the weather gradually turned into a heavy shower and so the situation changed quite suddenly. Not all the participants of the exhibition were enthusiastic about the situation, but luckily the burners managed to run away from all the classes with only a few drops.

Open class in the spotlight

One of the main points of the program was the Open Class, where the most representatives met. Different colors and bitches in different conditions were on display. Although the participants waited for their results, the decision was finally made. Several "VDs" fell in quick succession and bitches fought for the first positions. In the end, our mother Berenika shone and gradually took home the CAC, Special Show Winner, BOS. We hereby congratulate Linda Hvězda Vysočina.

Price of ČHP | czech mountain dog
Today, our Benerenika mainly went to gather show experience and together with the other Czech youth, she tried the ring, sniffed the judge, tried to show her teeth and experienced the hustle and bustle of the show with different colors of dogs that were roaming around. It was a good experience for us and we hope to build on her mother's show successes. From the exhibition, we take away from Mr. Vondrouš a very promising 1st and very nice opinion.
Testimony from a special exhibition of Czech mountain dogs

In conclusion

The exhibition of Czech mountain dogs at the castle Kačina was a success despite the rainy weather. Even the final certification, was successful and as a club we acquired new individuals for breeding.

Berenika Český bodygard | czech mountain dog

Photos from the Special Exhibition and Certification of Czech Mountain Dogs at the Kačina Castle 05/18/2024


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