Challenging terrain, natural scenery and adrenaline from racing tension, which pumps through your veins again and again while catching up with your rivals on the track - that's the Ore Mountain Fifty. An annual race that attracts lovers of running, but also lovers of natural beauty and sporting cynology. For us, the year 2024 was the first and it did not disappoint us. For a long time, we had this race creeping into our sights, and only this year the interplay of the event helped us to get out on the track and measure our strength with other competitors.

It was possible to arrive a day earlier or early in the morning on the day of the race. From time options, we chose the second option and went to the races with our friend Batul and his owners. We left very early in the morning to make it to the presence on time. So we left the house already at 5 in the morning and set out to meet the waking day. The landscape passed briskly and the speech surprisingly did not stop. We were soon greeted by the slightly foggy peaks of the Ore Mountains region.

There was a quick presence on the spot and we were soon at the starting line with other Czech women to face the Ore Mountain challenge. The race, which prepared for us a steep ascent, a gradual descent and wonderful forest trails, offered not only a physical challenge, but also a fulfilling experience of nature. There is no doubt that the first stage of the Ore Mountains route did not bring much room for relief on the way to the Cibulka lookout. Together with other participants, we faced both modified tourist routes and off-road obstacles in the form of forest trails. The route thus placed demands on a judicious distribution of forces over the entire route. The reward for the effort of the main peak was a long straight descending into lower positions. It was here that the runners were given space to stretch their stride and run away from their rivals.

Baileys Brdský Express performed brilliantly. We stuck to the start of the route with our pack of gorse, but Baileys kept setting the pace, so we went. We gradually increased our lead until we "ran away" from everyone. It didn't take long before we started to overtake individual competitors. At the same time, we passed one checkpoint after another. My female Czech mountain dog kept this pace until the end. The effort paid off, even though I was already chasing the last stage. Our efforts were rewarded with a beautiful 37th place out of a total of 86 competitors.


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