Today, Hradec Králové hosted a sports race for runners and canicrossers. The four-legged friends thus combined their sporting efforts with their human counterparts and measured their strength in the GR8 Hradec Králové Canicross. This race is not just about speed and performance, it showed the strength of the bond between us and our dogs. Various breeds were on display, competing against each other. The Czech mountain dog competed here only in the 4.6 km Canicross discipline. The race was attended by Vendulka Šenová with Matouš, Eva Búdová with Batul, Láďa Chyba with Baileys Brdský express and our pupil Arth My secret with Pepa Minarčík.
Czech mountain dog | Dědictví Athabasky
Teams Batul and Evča Budová took away beautiful moments on the track. Batul, ran the course expertly and was not intimidated by any of the obstacles. In the same way, our Baileys and Láďa ran the track more at a fitness pace for stretching after the Krušnohorská fifty from last week, when they were still sitting with an injured knee. Another duo, Matouš and Vendulka Šenová, gave a significantly better result and made their way among the competitors. Vendulka put her heart into it and, despite the injury on the track, bravely fought for valuable positions. Matouš didn't let her down and they reliably completed the rest of the track.
Czech mountain dog | Dědictví Athabasky

However, the biggest surprise of the race was undoubtedly our breeding Arth with Pepa Minarčík. This team, fought their way almost to the top of the favorites. Arth and Pepa are joining the club a very promising athlete and reinforcement of the sports club, Czech Mountain Dog, where we hope to welcome them soon. Together, they almost made it to third place, missing out by just 2 seconds. their determination and strength to win was enough for 4th place in the men's category and 7th place overall in the race out of 76 participants. It looks like we have a good footing for the next years as well.

GR8 Hradec Králové Canicross is not only about competition, but also about the connection between people and their dogs. Each team, each breed and each participant brought their own charm and story to the race. Whether it was winning first place or simply succeeding in completing the course, everyone involved took away unforgettable experiences and a sense of pride in their furry companion.


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