The 5th meeting of supporters and owners of the Czech Mountain Dog breed took place in the Jizera Mountains, under the baton of Andrea Šímová and with the participation of all possible rendering variants and with a wide representation of kennels. Together with our Bailyes, we and a group of other breeders chose the slightly distant Hejnice campsite as our base and then walked to Bílý potok together. The theme of the weekend meeting was "Nature, behavior and training of the Czech Mountain Dog".

Saturday was dedicated to the hike up Mount Smědava, which troubled us a bit with the changeable weather, when we gradually climbed from the foggy valley to the sunny peaks of the mountains. Different routes were available for the participants, so the crowd that started together from the campsite gradually dispersed over the local hills according to their experience and strength. Both dogs and owners covered between 17 and 25 km on this day and after a short rest they enjoyed another program with demonstrations of "How to handle your torch better", ending with the "Give me your paw" skills competition.

Závod Leifova stopa 2023

The Sunday end of the joint weekend belonged to the traditional race "Leif's trail", which was sponsored by experienced musher Tomáš Voříšek as director. Disciplines awaited the participants:

  • Bike (5,3 km)
  • Canicross děti 1 (0,3 km)
  • Canicross děti 2 (0,8 km)
  • Canicross hobíci (3,5 km)
  • Canicross závoďáci (4,8 km)
  • Canicross junioři (1,5 km)
  • Scooter (6,1 km)
Baileys and I participated for the first time in the category "Canicross racers (4.8 km)", from which we took an amazing 4th place, valuable experience and a great experience of the singletrail course where the course stretched.

Thanks for the organization and course of the entire event go to:

  • Tomáš Voříšek - preparation of the race Leif's trail
  • Petr Novák - preparatory and organizational work
  • Šárka Janková - graphics of the event
  • Pavel Sztymon, Zdeněk Šorf, Tomáš Jurček - track marshals

This year's ČHP meeting enjoyed ideal weather and the abundant participation of breeders and friends of the Czech Mountain Dog breed from all over the Czech Republic. A total of 48 adults participated in the event. 14 children and 39 dogs. And what can you look forward to in a year?


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