When you finally welcome your 9-week-old puppies into your home, remember the picture below. Fur babies' bones still don't touch. Movements are still uncoordinated and uncertain, as their legs are still made entirely of cartilage, muscles, tendons and ligaments covered with skin. Nothing is in place yet.

If you let your puppy run around excessively and do not restrict his movement in any way, you are not giving him a chance to grow properly. Every big jump, sprint and other activities cause impacts between the cartilages. Within reason this is not a problem and just normal wear and tear will occur. It is during this period that it is more than desirable for the puppy to use one of the joint supplements.

Risk situations

  • when you let the puppy jump off the couch or bed,
  • when you take him for long walks,
  • when the dog struggles with the stairs,
  • when you let your puppy move on slippery tiles, all this harms the development of the joints.

You only have one chance to develop correctly. Proper body development is something that comes partly from excellent breeding and partly from upbringing. Even though the professional community is not united as to what and whether it has a greater influence, a moderate load in the early years of the puppy will certainly not harm anything. The puppy will soon grow strong and grow, and you will have the rest of your life to play and exercise with a healthy dog.


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